The Simple Rules of Necktie Fashion

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While the necktie has evolved through the years, there has always been an etiquette for the way it should be worn. Maintaining your professional style does require some work, but here are a few good fashion rules to help guide you.

Size The size of your tie can make a huge difference in your overall look. Your tie should generally fall right above your belt and for most men, a standard 57 inch tie works just fine. For taller men or men with a wider neck, an extra long tie will be necessary to keep proportions right. An extra long tie measures to 62 inches and will ensure that your tie isn’t coming up short. A too-short tie can look sloppy, childish and out of place.

Clean Fit Traditionally a tie will help give your look a professional and polished feel. As the tie has evolved, the ways to wear it has as well. If you plan on wearing a tie casually, you can get away with a simple knot and a loose fit. If you plan on wearing a tie professionally, make sure to use a tie knot accessory to keep your tie fitted and always in place.

Another way to look fresh at all times is to be wrinkle-free at all times. While a full suit and tie isn’t always necessary, being casual does not mean looking like you rolled out of bed. This applies to your ties as well. Make sure to roll them and store them neatly to keep your look clean and wrinkle-free.

Coordinating Men’s professional wear has come a long way since the 1920s. Men will now wear patterned suits, ties, shirts, and even pocket squares. While it’s great to express your fashion sense through patterns, you never want to wear a bold patterned shirt with a bold patterned tie. Your outfit will become a visual overload and will make you stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Style Ties can be worn with just about anything nowadays, some men will pair a tie with jeans and a vest and others will stick to the Wall Street look. If you’re looking to try out new tie knot fashions keep a few things in mind; skinny ties are considered trendier and match well with vests and short sleeved shirts. Regular ties will give the more traditional tie look and should never be worn with short sleeved shirts.

Sticking to these guidelines can help you achieve the fashionable look you are seeking, whether it is casual or professional, trendy or traditional.

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The Simple Rules of Necktie Fashion

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The Simple Rules of Necktie Fashion

This article was published on 2011/05/12