The Best Necktie Selection For Men

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It's true that a tie selection makes or breaks an outfit. There are neckties that match well with a wide variety of outfits. Below I bring you a selection of some of the best ties money can buy, these are some of the finest neckties available in the country and you don't have to worry about not getting one from your local fashion store because they're available online.

Laguna Stripe Silk Tie

This tie is not too skinny and neither is it too wide, just the right size, it's a classic lavender silk tie with stripes running diagonally, it's the perfect summer and spring selection for you. Keep in mind that lavender matches well with gray, black, and many other suit colors. The Laguna Stripe Silk Tie also comes in spring green and above all it's a Made in USA product.

Charles Tyrwhitt Sky Blue Silk Tie

This tie is a wardrobe must have, solid blue in color and looks great with pale blue and white shirts. Charles Tyrwhitt Sky Blue Silk Tie is a quality product and you can tell this from it's wool interlinings.

Michael by Michael Kors Santorini Silk Tie

Well, for gents out there who love simplicity, then this is the tie to buy; Michael by Michael Kors Santorini Silk Tie is a textured tie that complements most dress shirts given the fact that it comes in a multitude of colors and a reasonable price tag.

Charles Tyrwhitt Clovelly Red Blue Tartan Handmade Silk Tie

Charles Tyrwhitt is renowned for quality products and this tie is no exception, straight from England with similar attention to detail as their fabulous shirts. This tie is a lovely red blue tartan plaid tie that is 100% silk interlined with wool. It matches blue shirts like nothing else.

Kenneth Cole New York Tie, Solid Skinny

Skinny ties are most preferred right now thanks to the slim suit, white shirt and skinny the "mad men" trend that has overrun the men fashion industry. If you don't want to spent money on a trend that may not last then this is the perfect tie for you. Kenneth Cole ties are available in silver and black and are very reasonably priced.

The Silk monochrome-stripe skinny tie

This tie from Banana Republic is the perfect choice if you like skinny black ties but also want some patter, this tie is proudly US made.

BOSS Black Woven Silk Tie

You're gonna love this one. This tie features bold, contrasting double diagonal stripes in navy, purple and black. It's a classic product that is also simple and easy to coordinate with shirts and suits.

Emporio Armani Patterned Jacquard Silk Tie

This is my all time favorite necktie, designed by the famous Giorgio Armani, the designs and fabric of this tie are elegant and interesting. This tie doesn't come on the cheap but it's worth very single cent if you're looking to splurge. It's a jacquard silk tie with subtle optical patterns and also comes in dark blue straight from Italy.
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The Best Necktie Selection For Men

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This article was published on 2010/10/22