Skinny Ties Are Here to Stay

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The modern men's necktie as we know it today has been around for over a century. The shape of men's neckwear has essentially remained constant, but the length and width has expanded and contracted with the times. It is generally accepted that skinny ties are no wider than 3 inches. Standard width ties run from 3 ¼ to 4 inches. Wide ties are over 4 inches across. Historically speaking, men's ties were skinny before the First World War, became standard width in the 20's and 30's, were wide in the 40's, skinny in the 50's, even skinnier in the early 60's, wide again in the mid 60's and 70's, skinny during the 80's, and back to standard width in the 90's. Currently skinny ties share the stage with normal width ties.

Fashion trends are bound to repeat themselves. The popularity of skinny ties may come and go, but they will always be worn by a certain segment of the population despite the whims of the fashion industry and when it deems it stylish for everyone wear them again, which seems to be every 20 years. The fashion conscious crowd will follow in the footsteps of their favorite designer, waiting with abated breath for the newest clothing and accessories, which always feel familiar because they is built upon past fashion, usually with a twist to keep things looking fresh and forward thinking. Young men are enjoying skinny ties for the first time because of the decision made on the part of major fashion houses to reintroduce slimmer versions of standard ties. Otherwise men in their 20's might not think to try a skinny tie on for size. Once they do, they find out that they look great in skinny ties.

Their youthful body type is perfectly suited for narrow ties, and it is a matter of taste as to whether they go for the super skinny 1 1/2 inch variety or opt for a 3 inch spread. Many will embrace the look of the skinny tie beyond the current trend. Older men will attest to that fact. They remember the last time skinny ties were popular and may still have a few in their closets or else they happily continue to acquire new additions for their collection. They are passionate about skinny ties. They recall how cool thin ties used to make them feel and are glad to see they are making a comeback.

Still others pay no attention to fashion and simply wear what looks good on them. Some men have smaller frames and do not look good when using 3 1/2 to 4 inch wide ties. It is all about proportion, and they know they look terrific wearing ties in the 2 1/2 to 3 1/4 inch range.

Skinny neckties are here to stay. It really doesn't matter why a person wears them, whether it is to fit in with the in crowd, for nostalgia sake, or because they look best in slimmer ties. New and vintage skinny ties will always be available for everyone. After all, give or take a few inches here and there, a tie is a tie is a tie. Ultimately, it is about having the freedom to choose neck wear which make one look good and feel good.

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Skinny Ties Are Here to Stay

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This article was published on 2010/05/14