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While a necktie being displayed behind well-lit glass shelves in a men's accessories store looks amazing, a necktie when worn will only look stunning when worn properly by following the rules of fashion, of necktie fashion, that is.

A lot of men love to have a perfect combination of a tie and suit as it brings out either the classic, serious or the professional look in them. While this may be easy to achieve, there are still some details that are often overlooked - details that may be minute but could bring a flaw to an entire wardrobe.

Just like other accessories that follows certain fashion rules, wearing a necktie also has its own set of "etiquette" that every necktie wearer should remember. Here are some "tie tips" that every man should remember when getting ready for an important event:

1. Let's face it. Some men just don't know when a tie worn is too long or too short. Either because they are doing the wrong knot or the way the tie was hung around the neck prior to making the knot is not enough to achieve the correct length. The right length for a tie is one that is just near the belt buckle or the pants' button.
2. It's a big mistake to have a narrow and wimpy knot. The most preferred way to tie a knot is using the double Windsor, which allows the wide end of the tie to be tied over the narrow end. This gives a much better, fuller knot and a nicer look.
3. A dimple on a tie is never a good sight. This is not to worry about though. For as long as the dimples are centered in the middle of the knot, the look of the tie should be fine.
4. Labels on neckties are merely labels. They're there to just show the brand of the necktie. Some men mistake them for being functional that they tuck the narrow part of the tie into the label to prevent it from hanging out. Tucking it actually prevents the natural movement of the tie. Thus, the narrow part should just be kept at the back of the wider part of the tie and let it hang and not tucked.

The bottomline is a tie should look as natural as possible when worn. While the tie's color adds accent to a man's wardrobe, it should be remembered that wearing it with the right length, the right knot and allowing it to flow naturally will make even an ordinary tie a stunning accessory in a man's attire.

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Necktie Etiquette

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This article was published on 2010/03/29