Man and His Necktie

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The world of neckties is a man’s world.  Just like a woman is fascinated by gowns and the latest designs brought out on the Paris ramps, men are interested in the world of necktie fashion.  Branded neckties have therefore become quite a rage with the advent of the fashion conscious male.  Men collect neckties like women collect beauty accessories.  A necktie is an accessory treasured by men and every man will own a tie in his lifetime. 

Ties Define A Man

A peep into the wardrobe of a man will give you information on his nature.  The more mundane and prosaic person will have the standard neckties to be used for formal occasions only.  A black tie for a formal occasion and perhaps to double up for use during a funeral.  A more colorful one for use during a happier function like a wedding or a baptism.  The more exciting man of the world will be the proud owner of a wide range of neckties to suit every occasion.  There will be ties for office wear, ties for party wear, black ties for ultra formal events, and ties for fun events.  He will surely be the owner of a bow tie too.

Types Of Ties

There are different types of ties to suit different budgets.  The best and the most desirable ones of course are the silk ties.  Silk ties are ideal as gifts.  They have a beautiful texture and need to be well taken care of.  They are also expensive and not always affordable.  They also do not lend itself to rough and tough use.  For daily use, the polyester tie is ideal.  They are machine washable and are more durable.  The polyester ties being manufactured these days almost look like silk ties.  The lightweight ties are for the warmer season when wearing a tie can be a stifling experience.  The lightweight ties will allow you to breathe while ensuring you look formal enough for the occasion.  There are also fun ties and fashion ties for the fashion conscious man with an eye for a tie collection.

Branded Ties

Branded ties are exclusive ties brought out by popular designers.  The more famous ones are Atkinsons, Cavallieri, Fiorio, Chevalier, Tino Cosma, and of course Armani.  Most of these branded ties are unique pieces and handcrafted to add to their value.  The price you pay for these tie also includes the price of the brand image.  However it is good to own one to flaunt it at special occasions.  Neckties and silk ties are also appreciated as gifts for an important man in your life.


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Man and His Necktie

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This article was published on 2011/11/14