Are Neckties Worth the Fuss?

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We have all been there, it's a hot summer's day and you are sweltering in the heat, you loosen your tie and unbutton your collar because you need to feel a little freer. This incident might have left you wondering why on earth you have to wear a tie in the first place. Are neckties really worth all the fuss?

Well, to put it quite simply - yes. You might just think that a necktie is stuffy corporate accessory but you would be surprised about how positively people perceive you when you are wearing one. If you scheduled to attend an important meeting walking into the boardroom without a tie and an open collar, it might make people jump to the wrong conclusions. They might think that you are unorganized, messy and don't take care of your appearance.

Flip the situation around and imagine you are walk into the boardroom, this time you are wearing a smartly pressed shirt and tie and your sleeves carry cufflinks. The image that you project to people means a lot and if you are dressed for success it does make a difference. Of course we are always told to never judge a book by its cover, but on many occasions you need to be prepared to make a great first impression.

It might not be enough just to wear a necktie, you need to pay great attention to detail to show that you care about your appearance. Be careful when you are picking out neckties and be sure to avoid any sort of novelty ties. Reserve them for when you are with friends and family who know you well. You will need to decide on the thickness of your tie, it's best not to go to the extreme so steer clear of kipper ties or skinny unless you are quite confident that you can carry it off. Try to avoid wearing a patterned tie with a patterned shirt unless you are really fashion savvy and know how to mix and match well. Try to figure out which color palette best suits your skin tone and stick to these. Don't buy brightly colored ties unless you are sure you are going to wear them and that they suit you.

If you want to make you outfit even more impressive try investing in a smart French cuff style shirt and a pair of cufflinks that match your tie. Try on a waistcoat or tank top and see if you feel comfortable wearing one. Both this garments can be quite flattering and will go perfectly with your tie and suit.

Although there has been a recent trend of men opting not to wear neckties it's important not to forget just how good you look when you are wearing one. Corporate dress codes have been established for good reason as smartly dressed workers obviously give the impression of success and intelligence. Don't forget many women love seeing their man dressed up in a smart suit and necktie, so don't underestimate the value of wearing one!

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Are Neckties Worth the Fuss?

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This article was published on 2010/03/26